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Pedicures have been around since ancient times, but foot care treatment has seen a huge boost in popularity over the past 20 years. Despite the explosion of nail salons and spas that have come along with the high demand for pedicures, you may still be asking yourself, “What is a pedicure?”. And you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t know what the foot treatment is or what a pedicure feels like — especially men, who oftentimes wrongly assume pedicures are only for women. Luckily, Footfiles has compiled the ultimate guide to pedicures that helps beginners learn what a pedicure entails and what the indulgent foot treatment feels like.

What Is A Pedicure?
A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. There are many types of pedicures that range in method, but a classic or regular pedicure generally takes place in a nail salon rather than a spa. As the customer, you will sit in a comfortable chair and likely receive the following:

  1. A warm foot soak to help soften and relax the skin and toenails
  2. A foot scrub to remove calluses and flaky, dry foot skin — usually done with a pumice stone, foot file or other tool
  3. Moisturizer applied via a short foot and lower leg massage
  4. A careful trim and file of the toenails
  5. A nail cuticle treatment that includes the cuticles being pushed back and the application of nourishing cuticle oil
  6. Optional: The application of a basecoat polish, toenail polish, and topcoat polish, followed by a quick session under a nail dryer

Can Men Get Pedicures, Too?
Yes! Contrary to popular belief, pedicures aren’t just for women. In fact, many podiatrists and athletic coaches recommend men receive pedicures as part of a healthy foot care routine. The foot treatment is said to help maintain foot health and ward off many problematic and painful foot issues like calluses, heel fissures and ingrown toenails.

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What are the actual benefits of a pedicure?

Firstly, a pedicure is great for getting your blood flowing. Especially in colder weather. We can all do with a circulation boost when our bodies get cold. Plus having your feet soaking in a luscious warm bath fragranced with oils just sounds divine. Not convinced? Read on!

Pedicures can heal you.
Okay, so not literally, but reflexology massages alongside your pedicures is quite popular within salons, and you should jump on them if they’re offered. A certified massage therapist will stroke sections of your feet in a way that some belief can help relieve anxiety or physical pain and can even promote better sleep.

You won’t rip your tights!
A funny one but every woman who has gone a little too long between pedicures or self-grooming knows that feeling of pulling on a pair of stockings or tights and watching them shred slightly from your unfiled, blade of a toenail. So, in a way, regular pedicures will save you money in the long run!

Impress yourself!
It’s satisfying to take care of yourself and makes you feel good. Even if only a few people see your feet, looking down at them and being happy with how they look is more than enough!

No more sandpaper feet!
Calluses are inevitable if you’re not having regular pedicures or giving your feet a lot of attention. Which is fine but can be a little annoying slipping into bed every night and suddenly realizing you have spiky skin!? A good pedicure includes the removal of this hard skin and leaves you with baby soft feet.

Detects problems early.
Regular pedicures mean your therapist can keep you up to date with any potential problems they see with your feet, anything from fungal infections and corns. Obviously, this isn’t the time or place to treat them, but making any issues known to you means you can seek out a professional asap!